Friday, November 2, 2012


Hello World! 
Recently I went to Value Village to do a little thrift shopping. I wasn't very successful with my finds but lets take a look..

Here we have a nice Navy Club Monaco Blazer.
The fit was a bit too small & I already have a navy blazer,
so I did not purchase this.

Here we have a red Tommy Hilfiger Blazer.
I really enjoy the detailing on the pocket and the gold buttons.
Though this piece was still relatively cheap ($15), I didn't want to pay that much.
 Plus, I already have a red blazer at home!

I wanted these Jeans to fit like high waisted American Apparel Denim,
but as you can see they were too short & didn't flatter my body too well.
Regret not getting the belt :(

Love this sweater.... I don't know why I didn't buy it :(
This is SO winter apparel.
This was not purchased the same day, but this is a thrift item that was purchased for $5
This shirt too, was purchased another time for $5
I added pins on the shoulders to give it a more vintage look.

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  1. To each is own, LOVE how you styled the last shirt! The pins were a great idea!