Saturday, October 6, 2012

Mini Fall Lookbook

Cobalt Blue and Doll Lace
Wear either heels or flats to change from day-time to night-time. Pair the shorts with leggings and you're good to go for a cooler fall day or just wear the shorts on the warmer fall days. 
Sorry this one doesn't have shoes!

Rust and Classic White

Olive and Stripes

Lazy Day Polka Dots
On lazy days I love button-down shirts because I can still look put together but super casual. I just paired this with leggings, flats and lots of jewelry. 

Chunky Knit and Boots
 I thought this outfit is perfect for those unexpected warm autumn days. I love chunky knits, especially for school. Add knee socks, leggings or cardigans for extra warmth.  

Mix and Match Patterns - Cutout Dress
Last is a printed dress, with cutouts in the back. I decided to pair it with my leaopard print flats to mix and match prints.

Hope you enjoyed.


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  2. Thanks so much for following! Appreciate the support, we'll definitely check out your blog.

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